Ultimag Magnesium and Zinc vs Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my right wrist / hand almost two years ago, and was told by the doctor that I will need surgery to sort it out. I am not a fan of surgery or other such drastic measures, and prefer natural remedies and lifestyle changes for healing. I did some research... Continue Reading →


Pietermaritzburg Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens in Pietermaritzburg has been a favourite spot of our family and friends for many years. We love to go relax under the majestic beautiful old trees, the kids play for ages on the play equipment, we have birthday parties there and let the children run free in the huge grounds.  But the... Continue Reading →

Tevo Vacuum Cleaner

When one buys a vacuum cleaner that advertises the following: ​that it is a powerful 1000 watts, will easily do the job on hand, is made of tough material, easy to use and clean, and comes with a 2 year warranty; one would expect a good machine. However, this proves to not always be the... Continue Reading →


No one likes to be cheated, feel used or to not be in control. Whether it's bad service, price vs value, quality, safety, misinformation or information not being divulged, this website will inform you to assist you to make better decisions, plan ahead and be aware of things that could affect you or your family negatively.​Why... Continue Reading →

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