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This post is written by my husband Clive Burkinshaw, to warn people about the dangers of using Wallapop. "Wallapop is a haven for criminal activity, and they seem to get away with it very easily. The security is not good on Wallapop! I do not share this story so that you may feel sorry for... Continue Reading →

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Bookings made super easy is one of the biggest booking websites in the world and is safe, reliable and very easy to use. One can book the following travel reservations with them: Hotel AccommodationsBusiness ApartmentsFlightsTrainsBusesRental CarsAirport TaxisRestaurants Established in 1996 in Amsterdam, has grown from a small Dutch startup to one of the largest travel e-commerce companies... Continue Reading →

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No one likes to be cheated, feel used or to not be in control. Whether it's bad service, price vs value, quality, safety, misinformation or information not being divulged, this website will inform you, to assist you to make better decisions, plan ahead and be aware of things that could affect you or your family negatively.​Why... Continue Reading →

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I believe in keeping our bodies away from harmful chemicals and additives, as much as possible, to prevent damage to our bodies' natural systems. I was so happy therefore when I found a shampoo and conditioner in South Africa that is based on pure simple natural ingredients. The shampoo literally makes my hair feel squeaky clean... Continue Reading →

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